DVDs and DVD Players Shopping

RCA RC5220P DVD-Video Player by RCA ($169.88) |See Picture|
Pioneer DV-333 DVD-Video Player by Pioneer ($199.94) |See Picture|
Sharp DV-L70U Portable DVD-Video Player by Sharp ($799.88) |See Picture|
Panasonic DVD-CV40 5-Disc DVD-Video Changer by Panasonic ($229.99) |See Picture|
Toshiba SD-1600 DVD-Video Player by Toshiba ($179.99) |See Picture|
Panasonic DVD-RV30 DVD-Video Player by Panasonic ($179.99) |See Picture|
Sony DVP-S360 DVD-Video Player by Sony ($199.88) |See Picture|
Panasonic DVD-RV65 DVD-Video/Video CD/CD Player by Panasonic ($229.99) |See Picture|
Philips DVD710AT DVD-Video Player by Philips ($149.99) |See Picture|
Pioneer DVC503 DVD by Pioneer ($299.99) |See Picture|
Pioneer DV-434 DVD-Video Player by Pioneer ($269.94) |See Picture|
JVC XVM567GD DVD Player by JVC ($249.94) |See Picture|

A Base for Videos and DVDs

DVD - Traffic (2000) ($18.87)
DVD - The Princess Bride (1987) ($13.99)
DVD - Gladiator (2000) ($17.99)
DVD - The Hurricane (2000) ($18.89)
DVD - Jaws - 25th Anniversary
Collector's Edition (1975) ($18.89)

DVD - A Christmas Story (1983) ($15.98)
DVD - American Beauty (1999) ($16.19)
DVD - The Daytrippers (1997) ($18.95)
DVD - Liberty Heights (1999) ($17.49)
DVD - The Emperor and the Assassin (1999) ($20.95)
DVD - Independence Day: Special Edition (1996) ($20.99)
DVD - Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box (3 Disc Collector's Set) ($48.99)
DVD - The Green Mile (1999) ($17.49)
DVD - The Princess Bride (1987) ($11.99)
DVD - Jurassic Park & Lost World Collection (2-Disc Set) (1993) ($32.38)
DVD - Braveheart (1995) ($17.99)
DVD - The Matrix (1999) ($14.99) (US and Canada only)
DVD - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) ($14.99) (US and Canada only)
DVD - Titanic (1997) ( $14.99) (US and Canada only)
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